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Take your lashes into space with Maybelline Rocket Volume mascara

It has been billed as the mascara with rocket volume but does it live up to the claims? Maybelline’s latest release Maybelline Rocket Volume mascara has been billed as a lash transformation with the ability to add 8x your lash volume and leave your lashes clump free.

Maybelline Rocket Volume mascara comes sealed in a packet so you can guarantee no one has sneakily tested it. The tube is a indigo colour which reveals a chunky but small brush when opened.

maybelline rocket volume mascara

When I first started applying the mascara I was surprised at how quickly the formula transferred onto my lashes. The formula was quick acting and I went from flat to defined lashes in a few seconds.

Both my top and bottom lashes were left fuller and longer although I would debate as to whether my lashes were really increased by 8 times as Maybelline claim.

I really liked this mascara, the formula is quick acting and does add quite a lot of volume to my lashes. The only real complaint I have is that the brush felt slightly scratchy on my eyelashes when applying.

There was virtually no clumping either which makes for a mascara that lives up to virtually all of its claims.

Maybelline Rocket Volume earns itself a score of 4.5/5

Get it for £7.99




•The volume on my lashes was pretty much instant
•Lashes were left clearly defined and volumised
•No clumping


•Slight scraping feeling when applying
•I wouldn’t say the volume of my lashes were increased by 8 times as claimed on the packaging