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Maybelline The City Kits Urban Lights all in one eye and cheek palette review

maybelline the city kits urban light eyeshadow palette review

Will Maybelline The City Lights Urban Light palette light up your world?

Forget hauling a huge makeup bag around with you- the new Maybelline The City Kits palette has a great collection of eyeshadow, blusher and highlighter which means you can travel light. The palette comes with two eyeshadow looks but you can easily mix and match to create a look that you want.

maybelline the city kits urban lights cheek and eye palette review

The lowdown

As soon as I swatched the palette I fell in love. The blusher is a strong vibrant pink with a gorgeous shimmer whilst the golden highlighter has a stunning shimmery finish. The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and have a mixture of a shimmer, glitter and metallic finish. There are two looks you can create in the palette and the contrast between the metallic and the glitter finish will make for a truly standout look.

maybelline the city kits urban lights eye and cheek palette swatch

The blusher is a rosey pink shade with a strong pigment. The blusher was great at brightening my complexion and adding a bit of life to my face. The highlighter had a really strong highlight that really made my cheekbones stand out.

maybelline city kits urban lights pink seduction look

The first look had a girly pink theme that had a very soft finish. Here’s what you need to do to recreate it:

  1. I applied the irridescent glitter in the inner corner of my eye
  2. Next I blended the light pink onto the whole of my lid
  3. To add some contrast I applied the lilac shade to the bottom of my brow bone and swept it into a quarter of a arch by following the bone shape
  4. To give the appearance of a wider eye I applied the iridescent pink just under my brow arch and swept it into the hood of my eye.

maybelline city kits urban lights mysterious girl look

The green themed look combines a mixture of gold, green, grey and iridescent blue for a look that’s perfect for a night out. Here’s how you can recreate it:

  1. I dabbed a tiny amount of the irridescent blue glitter in the corner of my eye
  2. Next I swept the green across the lid
  3. The gold shade is perfect for highlighting under my brow bone and adds contrast to the vividness of the green
  4. Finally I swept the glittery grey on the bottom of my brow bone and blended it slightly into the hood of my eye

The finished look is quite subtle and the green is not as strong as it appears in the pan. The colours work really well together and I really like the definition the iridescent blue and glittery grey create. On the downside the green took quite a while to build up the colour and get full coverage. Even after building up the colour I felt the finished look slightly patchy and thin in places.

After only applying a small amount of eyeshadow the palette got quite dusty and a fair amount of product was displaced. Whilst most of the eyeshadow did last, the formula itself tended to shift and I was left with glitter that had dropped all around my eyes. The excess glitter is not quite as bad as creasing but looking like a glitter ball when it’s not intended is another of my bugbears.

The colours do appear a lot stronger in the pan and when swatched but the finished looks are still quite pretty. The glittery finish really helps to brighten up my eye area.

Whilst the palette looks great when swatched in reality it fails to perform on a number of levels. I have used a lot of shimmery glitter eyeshadows and they rarely drop around my eyes like this palette. I also felt some of the colours seemed quite thin in parts and despite building up the colour it still looked a little bare in patches. The blusher and highlighter were fine and I did really like the pigment and colour intensity of the blusher and the highlighter. It is mainly the eyeshadow formula that really lets the palette down.

I give it 2/5

The palette is available for £11.99

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maybelline city kits urban lights palette review