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May Netflix Faves

may netflix faves

Pretty Little Liars is back with a bang and 13 Thirteen Reasons Why is the most talked about series for months. Netflix is where it’s at at the moment and I’m loving all the latest upcoming TV programmes and films. Here’s the lowdown on some of my current faves.

girl boss netflix favourite

Girl Boss
I only saw this at the weekend and I’ve watched the whole series already. The series begins in 2007 when the neurotic but ambitious Sophia wants to make her mark on the world with her passion for fashion. Sophia establishes her vintage clothes business on Ebay – Nasty Gal – and sets about taking it to the top. She soon finds herself up against the jealous actions of a number of other vintage Ebay sellers and when she is blocked from Ebay she takes it to the next level with the creation of her own website. I love how the show still remains funny despite Sophia’s constant strops or flapping about the various obstacles she comes up against. Her friendship with Annie is sweet and stays strong despite Sophia’s slight neurotic nature in regards to the running of Nasty Gal. Worth a watch.

bates motel netflix favourite

Bates Motel
It’s back for the fourth season and it’s as dark as ever. In case you didn’t know Bates Motel is the prequel to Psycho the Hitchcock thriller. Despite being a prequel however, Bates Motel is set in modern day, a little ironic considering Psycho is set in the 1960’s. The first three series follow Norman as he unravels and his psyche starts to come undone. The fourth is pretty much the climax to this as his murderous spree continues. Anyone who saw Psycho would know that Norman keeps his mother in the basement and the last series of Bates Motel really kind of ties the two elements together. I’m not going to give too much away but some of the final scenes are quite haunting, especially with the notes of Sandman playing. If you like your thrillers you should definitely give this a go!

law abiding citizen netflix favourite

Law Abiding Citizen
This isn’t new but this 2009 Gerard Butler thriller is one thrill ride you won’t want to get off. The film begins when Butler’s character Clyde Shelton is tied up and forced to watch as his wife and daughter are killed in a home invasion. When the case goes to court one of the murderers cuts a deal with the prosecutor Nick Rice to exchange his testimony against his partner in crime in order to be released. Shocked at the lack of justice Shelton sees red and vows to wreak vengeance on all those who failed to give him and his family justice. The film takes you on a dramatic ride as each person directly or indirectly involved in the murders is killed in a inventive and explosive way. The film is very clever and will keep you guessing throughout. When the killings continue even when Shelton is imprisoned the police fear there is someone on the outside. The film races to a climax as Rice realises the truth and comes up with a plan to stop a bomb destroying the lives of many other innocents indirectly involved with the death of Shelton’s family. After watching the film I do think Shelton goes a little out of control but it makes for one entertaining movie. Highly recommended!

pretty little liars netflix favourite

Pretty Little Liars
They’re back for the final part of the seventh series. As I’ve only recently got into Pretty Little Liars I had the luxury of being able to watch every series back to back without having to wait for them to release the nxt episodes. Now I’ve caught up I’m having to wait like everyone else – and it’s rubbish! The latest episode catches up with the girls in Rosewood just after Spencer is shot. She turns out to be fine and the new A sets their ‘final game’ into action. I love the little board game element that has been created and I’m excited to see how it plays out. As ever I’m dying to know who the new A is and I really can’t think who it might be!

13 reasons why netflix favourite

13 Reasons Why
So 13 Reasons Why as I mentioned earlier has become one of the most talked about series on  Netflix. Based on the bestseller 13 Reasons Why, the program follows Hannah as she explains in 13 tapes the reasons why she took her life. The tapes are passed to each of the 13 people involved and they have to listen to see what their part in her death was. The program follows the main character Clay, Hannah’s crush, as he listens to the tapes and relives each moment as she saw it. From bullying to sexual assault, every action has a consequence and only adds to the mental torture that Hannah suffers. The program really makes you think, if only Hannah had a friend or someone she could talk to things would be so very different.  Whilst the program isn’t overly graphic the suicide scene is really quite distressing and very much brings to focus the extent of Hannah’s suffering. Despite backlash against this the writers wanted to make it as graphic as possible in order to raise awareness of how suicide is not peaceful and painless; instead it is a painful excruciating end to all hopes and dreams. In a sense that is true and it really makes you think. 13 Reasons Why is a heartbreaking watch, but it’s also compelling and really makes you think of how important it is to talk when you’re suffering from depression and mental illness.