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Max Factor FaceFinity All Day Flawless is a whole new product that saves time AND money

When I heard about the three in one Max Factor foundation, primer and concealer I was very interested in trying it out.

The three in one product comes in eight different shades and has quite traditional packaging with a squirty top.

On first apperances the foundation-primer and concealler has the consistency of foundation and doesn’t appear as thick as you’d imagine a 3 in 1 product to.

I applied two very small blobs to my hand and using a foundation brush spread it evenly over each part of my face. The liquid blended into my skin really easily with little resistance and it is immediatly obvious of the effect of the Facefinity with any discolouration camoflauged and a even glow in its place.

I was intially sceptical of whether there would really be a concealing element with Facefinity as often foundations are too thin to really add a concealing effect. I was very surprised to find that the product is a lot thicker then most foundations without masking the skin and any under eye circles I had were no longer visible.

Max Factor’s FaceFinity is a amazing product with real potential and eliminates the need for any extra primer or concealer ensuring that your face will always be one shade. For its staying power and effectiveness I’ll give it a 5/5






You can buy Max Factor FaceFinity in Warm Almond (my shade) for £11.99 here