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Maxfactor Dark Magic Mascara review

maxfactor dark magic mascara review

The latest beauty product to hit the beauty sphere is Max Factor Dark Magic mascara. The new mascara claims to transform lashes by leaving them super dark and intensely volumised.

The mascara has a long plastic brush with varying length bristles. There is also a flare tip to add a final flick to your lashes. The bristles are irregular with layers of smaller and bigger bristles that interweave. Whilst the large brush does in essence capture all of my lashes it is a little awkward to use and does leave a lot of mascara marks around my eye. As Max Factor claim this is a mistake free mascara they’ve already fallen at the first hurdle!

maxfactor dark magic mascara brush

The plastic brush feels a little rough on my lashes at times and is not the most comfortable mascara to use. The mascara formula is very lightweight and whilst it defines all my lashes it doesn’t seem to add any volume. After applying my lashes seemed quite flat and you could barely notice that I was wearing mascara, especially after applying eyeliner. On the plus side it didn’t really feel like I was wearing mascara and my lashes felt soft and conditioned.

Unfortunately Max Factor Dark Magic mascara was a disappointment from start to finish. The large brush makes it a little difficult to manoeuvre, it is quite messy and the formula does not add any of the volume it claims to do. In all honesty my lashes looked pretty similar to how they do when I don’t wear mascara, asides from the slight lash tint of course. Avoid this and spend your money on Essence Lash Princess False Lash mascara.

I give it 1/5

Get yours for £11.99

maxfactor dark magic mascara before and after



max factor mascara dark magic review