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Max Factor: Bronze Haze Smokey Eye Effect Eyeshadow

As part of their new eyeshadow collection Max Factor has brought out a double ended cream eyeshadow in Bronze Haze. The product comes in pretty standard packaging with a dark brown shade on one end and a creamy gold on the other.

For step 1 I applied the creamy shade to my eyelid and followed this by applying the dark brown shade to my eyebrow arch. The resulting look can seem quite harsh so its best to make sure you blend as much as possible to remove the obvious line between the two shades.

As it’s a cream shadow the final look is very light and is more what you would call a daytime look. Whilst it’s perfect for a daily makeup routine, I really don’t think its bold enough to stand out for a night time look. The effect is however reasonably natural and doesn’t bleed like a lot of cream eyeshadows.

Over a period of a day the eyeshadow faded, to a point that the brown couldn’t really be seen in the evening.

At £3.99 from Cosmetics Skin care it’s not a bad price but you can probably find better eye shadows out there.

I’ll give it a 2/5.