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Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer review

Discover the new Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense lip lacquer

Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense lip lacquer is one of the new products released by Makeup Revolution.

If you haven’t heard of Makeup Revolution yet you soon will!

Makeup Revolution is one of the latest budget brands to hit the shelves offering quality without the large price tags.

Currently available exclusively online and at certain Superdrug stores there’s a fantastic range of lipsticks and eyeshadow, with a  supporting range of other products.

With the most expensive item, a Awesome Eye Palette in Nude and Smoked at £12.00 I’m amazed at how cheap the products are. I feel that this brand is very similar to MUA and I loved MUA’s innovative budget buys when they first launched.

With a real love for all things lipstick I really wanted to try Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense lip lacquer and thought I’d give A Love Like That a go. The product aims to give intense colours, high shine and long lasting gloss and leave lips looking kiss-tastic.

The lip lacquer comes in pretty fancy gold packaging with professional branding but I did feel the title Salvation Intense seemed to look odd and out of place.

The colour slips on easily and my lips didn’t look overly sticky so it was more matte then some lip lacquers that I have tried. The ruby red shade left my lips smooth and shiny although it did seem to smudge quite easily, especially on the corner of my mouth. After a few hours the lacquer had pretty much disappeared so it’s got a relative short shelf life of around 4 hours.

Makeup Revolution’s Lip Lacquer A Love Like That doesn’t promise you the world and disappoint you. It’s a average product and is great for casual wear that won’t break the bank.

salvation intense lip lacquer review

Get yours online at Makeup Revolution

I give it 3/5



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