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Makeup Revolution Lip Power Everything’s Alright review

makeup revolution lip power lipstick and lipgloss

What the brand says
Give your lips real power to shine with the duo lipstick and lipgloss Lip Power. The collection which is available in 6 shades has a satin soft lipstick and slick lipgloss with a touch of shimmer. Lip Power is great value for money with the ability to wear alone as a lipstick or lipgloss, or  together for more impact.

The Lowdown
Like everything I love getting a bargain and this dual lipstick and lipgloss sounded like just the ticket. Everything’s Alright is a peachy pale pink that has quite a chalky patchy application. Whilst the colour of the lipstick looks quite bright on the bullet when you apply it the colour seems to disperse and you can’t really see it. My lips do seem to have a bit more dry skin than normal at the moment but I really think this lipstick accentuates it a lot more than other products I use. It does feel quite comfortable on and isn’t drying.

makeup revolution lip power everything's alright lipstick

The lipgloss has a nice sparkly finish and doesn’t feel sticky on. It has quite a fruity summer fruits scent that isn’t too overpowering. Unlike the lipstick the lip gloss doesn’t accentuate any dry skin.

Both the lipstick and lipgloss are pretty short lived and probably barely lasted a hour on.

Overall I have to say quite a disappointing product. From the offset the lipstick was let down by  the chalky finish and lack of colour pay of. The lipgloss isn’t too bad with a nice sheen and scent but it too doesn’t last very long.

I give it 2/5

Grab yours for £3 at Superdrug

makeup revolution lip power everything's alright lipstick on


wearing makeup revolution lip power everything's alright lipstick