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Makeup Revolution launch their range of highly pigmented baked eyeshadows

The Hype
Makeup Revolution Baked Eyeshadow palette is one of the new fabulous eyeshadow launches.

The baked eyeshadow range comes in five fabulous shades which include:

Each eyeshadow is baked in the oven for hours to create silky and blendable eyeshadows that glide on with easy application. They can be built up to a desired colour and a wet brush can be used with the strong pigmentation to get a more intense finish.

The Lowdown
The Pure and Innocent palette instantly drew my eye with its combination of highly pigmented shimmery shades. The five colours draw across the colour spectrum with pinks, gold, copper and brown with infusion of green.

The shades can be used alone or together to build up a variety of different looks and styles. When swatched I found the shades were very pigmented but the colour was quite light. The eyeshadow blends excellently and I found the eyeshadow to be long lasting. There was a small amount of fall out from the glitter but nothing major.

I combined each shade to create one look that would be perfect for a evening out. To recreate this simply follow the guide below:
1. Apply shade 5 along the outer edge of the eye
2. Apply shade 2 from the inside of your eye stopping when you reach the centre of the lid
3. Blend shade 4 into the middle of the two shades you’ve just applied
4. Blend shade 3 along the outer corner of the eye extending outwards
5. Finally highlight your brown bone with shade 1 for a eye catching look.

At £2.50 the palette is a total bargain especially considering the scope you’ve got in terms of the versatility of the product. The colours are lovely and really ‘me’ and it’s great how pigmented the shades are.

I give it 4/5

Get yours at Make Up Revolution