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Makeup Revolution Amazing Sheer Lipgloss Review

The Hype
If you want shiny low maintenance lips then Revolution Amazing Sheer lipgloss is the goto product.

Available in 10 shades from the clear “Free” to the dark pink “Move A Little Closer” the range has a varied colour spectrum which is suitable to most tastes. Lips are left looking shiny and moisturised without that nasty stickiness you can get with a lot of lipglosses.

The Lowdown

At just £1 I’ll start off by saying these are a super bargain! I believe I actually got this in the Makeup Revolution advent calendar where I discovered a lot of amazing products I haven’t seen before. The colour I received, “Too Shy”, is a very pale pink with amazing glittery gold shine. As you probably know from previous posts I often steer clear from lip gloss as getting hair stuck on your lips is the worst thing ever. I can safely say the lipgloss really lives up to its promise as it’s soft, moisturising and completely non-sticky. Too Shy does not have much colour impact when applied and whilst you can see the gloss and glitter up close otherwise it doesn’t have a huge effect. I did however think it would be great in brightening up a matte red lipstick.

Personally I would not wear this lip gloss on its own however I think it makes a fantastic top coat on top of a matte lipstick. It is however extremely comfortable and I love the bright glitter content. I give it 3/5

Available for £1 at Makeup Revolution and most Superdrug stores