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14 makeup fails that make makeup addicts cringe

14 makeup fails that make makeup addicts cringe

For all you makeup addicts out there, chances are you’ve seen many makeup fails that make you cringe inside. Whether it’s unblended foundation or contour that’s too dark it’s time to name and shame some of the ultimate makeup faux pas.

Unblended foundation

You know when someone hasn’t blended their foundation properly when you can see their natural skin colour underneath. A quick look in the mirror can easily avoid this faux pas.

Tide marks

Your face is one colour and your neck is another. Don’t forget to make sure you transfer the foundation down onto your neck and chest if it’s on show.

Clumpy mascara

The spider lash look is never a good one despite what that recent beauty trend claimed. Keep your lashes long and defined with Essence Super Curl lash mascara.

14 makeup fails that make makeup addicts cringe chipped nail varnish

Chipped nail varnish

Nail varnish is a great way of adding quick glamour to your look. Chipped nails on the other hand can quickly say I’m not bothered, especially if your makeup looks perfect otherwise.

Broken makeup

There’s nothing worse than finding your favourite eyeshadow or blush palette a powdery mess. Don’t fret, you can still make some use of your broken makeup by transforming into something new.

Liquid eyeliner emergency

I don’t know about you but I have a real issue with the corner of my eyeliner always wearing off. A waterproof eyeliner should be able to avoid any major eyeliner catastrophes.

14 makeup fails that make makeup addicts cringe lipstick on the teeth

Lipstick on the teeth

We think we look great and then we look in the mirror and see we’ve had lipstick all over our teeth for the past two hours. Mega cringe!

Contouring in the wrong shade

Contouring is a great way to sculpt and add depth to your face. If you use a shade that’s too dark for your skin tone however you’ll draw attention for all the wrong reasons.

Makeup on your pillow

You forgot to take your makeup off the night before and you wake up with mascara and foundation streaks all over your pillows. Cue extra washing!

Your favourite makeup smashes to pieces

You know how you can only buy some makeup in glass bottles? Imagine the distress you feel when that expensive highlighter you took a month to buy smashes in front of your eyes. Even more heartbreaking then when your powder makeup smashes.

14 makeup fails that make makeup addicts cringe false lashes peeling off

When false lashes are hanging off

You’ve gone out with your best outfit on and your makeups on point. Cue the moment your false lash slowly starts to uncurl as the glue wears off. Always carry some false lash glue for those false lash emergencies.

Sponge eyeshadow brushes

You ever wondered how sometimes your eyeshadow won’t blend? Chances are you may have been using those sponge eyeliner brushes. Stick to the professional brushes and see how your eyeshadow application transforms.

Dodgy eyeliner

Hands up I’m guilty of very bad eyeliner application in the past. Whether the eyeliner was too far away from my lash line or the line was way too thick its a real learning curve!

Mascara on your perfectly blended eyeshadow

You’ve just spent half hour perfectly applying your eyeshadow and then ruin it with a smudge of mascara. I find the best way to avoid it is to do my eyeliner and mascara first.

14 makeup fails that make makeup addicts cringe