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Make your hair shine with Shine on Original Glaze treatment review

With constant hair adverts showing models with gorgeous bouncy shining locks it’s no surprise that there are thousands of products on the market aiming to give you that enviable glossy hair.

Shine On Original is a new hair glaze that uses a colourant containing conditioning polymers and transparent colour molecules to give long lasting shine.

The product is a 3-step process and comes with three bottles – a cleanser, a developer and Collagen shine cream.

To get the full use of the product I followed the instructions applying the glaze in the following way:

  1. Firstly the cleanser should be applied onto damp hair before rinsing. Towel dry hair and apply again and leave to set for 2-3 minutes. This process clarifies the hair so any shampoo, conditioner or other hair products can be fully removed. After the second application rinse the product out and towel dry the hair.
  2. The developer cream should be poured into the Collagen Shine Cream and shaken for one minute to mix the products.
  3. Apply the mixed cream onto your hair applying attention firstly to the lengths then the roots.
  4. Leave the product to develop for 20 minutes
  5. Before rinsing squeeze the remaning product into the hair and leave for a minute. Using warm water gently run the water through the hair to clear off any cream residue and rinse for 3 minutes until the water runs clear.
  6. After washing blow drying and using straighteners will complete the treatment shutting the cuticule and allowing the crystal clear molecules to develop inside the hair.

The product did add some shien to my hair but I can’t say it added anymore then a normal shampo and conditioner would. The product left my hair soft and easy to manage. Designed to be used every three weeks as a treatment Shine On should be used alongside your normal hair products. Some of the products only have enough in them for one use and you would probably have to buy another one if you wanted it for your next treatment. It contains a small amount of (2%) peroxide so it’s advisable to do a skin test 48 hours before use and avoid if your skin flares up in any way.

Whilst the product does add shine it didn’t offer quite the dramatic effect I was hoping for. It does however condition the cuticles almost giving the effect that it lightens the hair The product is relatively easy to use and the instructions easy to follow.

I give it 3/5




Get yours for £12.99 at Boots

*this was sent for me to test as a sample