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Make up tips for a day at the races

by  jaguarmena 



Have you been to the races before? If so, you’ll know that
it’s one of the most fun events for dressing up and looking glamorous
during the day time. Women spend hours choosing the right outfit for
the races, and with good reason. Many racing events have special days
where a prize is given to the best dressed person. As a result, these
events aren’t just about 
on the right horse
 – they can also be
something of a fashion parade and the general rule is that you dress
to impress. Besides choosing the right ensemble, your choice of make
up for the races is equally important – after all, it needs to
enhance your look, complement your chosen colours and balance out
bold hats. Here are some really useful tips for what makeup to wear
to the races.

Choosing the right makeup for your hat

A dramatically designed head piece, hat or fascinator can steal the
show, but you shouldn’t let your features go unnoticed at the same
time. Contrary to what you might think, a bold piece of headgear also
calls for bold makeup, otherwise your look is going to be
unbalanced. Don’t believe me? Even the world famous hat designer
Philip Treacy holds
this opinion

So, bold is the way forward when it comes to complimenting your
hat for the races
. As luck would have it, Philip
Treacy, who has designed hats for Kate Middleton and Lady Gaga in the
past, has recently launched a special hat-inspired make up range for
MAC. His products have fun names like the “Royal Wink” fluidliner
in blue and the “No Faux Pas” lipstick in hot pink. They sound
like the perfect bold statement shades to give you and your hat the

Another great brand for dramatic shades is Illamasqua. Check out the
video below for a dramatic eye look that’s perfect for the races:


If your chosen hat has a wide brim, bear in mind that it will create
a shadow over your face. There are a few ways to combat this with
make-up. Firstly, make sure your eyes pop under that brim by creating
a bold look for your lashes. A few false lashes along your lash line
should add extra drama where it’s needed. Secondly, since your skin
is going to be in the shadows, it will be in danger of looking
slightly dull. The good news is there are lots of handy illuminating
products out there to give your skin an extra glow. Clarins Beauty
Flash Balm or Revlon Photo Ready Skinlights should do the trick.
Finally, don’t forget to conceal dark under eye areas that could look
more dramatic when shadowed under your hat.

How to match your dress to your make up

Obviously, there are certain colours that are going to be harder to
match to your make up than others. Neons are one example of a palette
that isn’t going to be suitable for the highbrow dress
codes at the races
. Instead, when choosing the colour
of your dress you want to go for something vibrant, yet
sophisticated, and the same can be said for your make up. One look
that’s been popular on the red carpet lately is the “matchy-matchy”
trend for makeup shades that match the dress colour exactly.
Harper’s Bazaar magazine recently
described this trend
 as “both classically chic
yet refreshingly innovative”. It’s a tricky look to pull off, but
if you get it right it will certainly turn heads. Here are some
colours you could try:

Tip: a word of warning on the use of bold make
up colours. Whilst you want features to stand out in order to balance
out that statement hat, don’t go overboard. Stick to one bold make up
item, either eyes or lips – never both at the same time.

By  Idhren 

How to do day time makeup

One important thing to remember when getting ready for the races: it
will be day time, and your makeup needs to be adjusted accordingly.
A lot of the glamorous make up we usually have in our makeup bags is
designed to be worn at night time, and can look too heavy in the
harsh light of day. Foundation in particular can look cakey and can
settle into creases, which isn’t a flattering look to be sporting in
the sunshine. So, take care! Invest in a natural looking foundation
with just the right amount of coverage. If you have blemishes, you
will still need good coverage to create a flawless base for the bold
eyes or lips that are going to compliment your outfit. Choose
something with a slightly dewy finish for the most natural look. You
can always use some loose powder over the top to set it. If you’re
going to be photographed, remember that some foundations contain SPFs
that cause a flashback effect in photos, giving you the effect of a
ghostly white face. Shop around for a foundation that has been
thoroughly tested and reviewed, and has been proven not to create
this effect. The video below has some advice:

by  j3ffm4n 

Making sure your makeup lasts the day

Obviously, you are going to be way too busy enjoying the races to
re-do your make up. So, make sure you plan ahead and choose some
long-wearing makeup that will last all day without rubbing off,
fading or smudging. Most makeup brands do “8 hour” or “12
hour” ranges that are made with special long lasting ingredients.
Eyeshadows and lipsticks aside, you need to be sure that longer
lasting foundations
 are still natural enough for
day time wear, so choose wisely.

Here are some final tips for flawless day time makeup:

Hopefully these tips have helped you to come up with the perfect makeup look for your special day out. Good luck at the races!