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Use your social media following to make money in minutes

If you’re looking for a influencer app where you get paid for social media posts, Manifest is the app for you

Use your social media following to make money in minutes

If you’re a influencer you know there are many apps out there that pay you to share reviews or insights on the latest products to hit the market. Whilst apps like Tribe pay well, they are incredibly selective and you could spend hours creating your promotion only for it to be rejected as it doesn’t quite fit. Having experienced this first hand it has really put me off using the app. Whilst browsing the App Store a while ago I discovered Manifest. Manifest is an app that pays you to share various ads and promotions to your followers.

How does Manifest work?

If you only have a small following Manifest probably won’t work for you. At the moment the app is limited to Twitter and Instagram, however Instagram stories will be available soon. Once you’ve registered you’ll have a capital score which is effectively your worth. You can increase this by getting more followers, retweets, likes and interacting with others. On your main screen you’ll get a selection of brands offering ads to share on each channel. Manifest is honestly so easy to use and you can get paid in just 24 hours. I’ll detail a simple step by step guide below as to how the app works.

Step 1

manifest app

Find the ad you want to share and click on it. I share most of mine on Twitter as it pays the most.

Step 2

create a tweet to get paid

Manifest will automatically create the tweet. You need to take a selfie and ensure this is added to the tweet before you publish it. Be warned if you don’t do this you don’t get paid!

Step 3

manifest the app that pays you to post on social media

Once you’ve finished with your promotion submit it to be validated. This normally takes up to 24 hours and the money is paid straight into your account.

Whilst it takes around 24 hours for Manifest to pay out, the work is complete in barely 2 minutes. If you worked out your hourly rate you could earn $90 – not bad for work that’s fun and easy to do. It’s also really easy to withdraw your money using PayPal. If you want to get paid to post you can get started by downloading the app using my link. Let me know how you get on in the comments below.

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