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How to make life changes when you feel stuck in a rut

how to make life changes when you feel stuck in a rut

Do you feel like you’re on a life train that has no destined stop? It can be easy to get into a set routine in life where you become comfortable and things just keep rolling. When we get used to something it can hard to make life changes but if you’re not happy that’s more important than ever. It may only be October but why should you wait till January to start making changes to your life. Your happiness is the most important thing so think what you need to make over and start doing it. I’m going to breakdown some of life’s biggest brain aches and how you can get over them.

learn how to save

Problem no 1 – I don’t know how to save

Want to save for a mortgage or even a luxury holiday in the sun but don’t know how? At first you need to think small. Don’t set a savings goal that is so large it’s unrealistic. Work out how much money you spend each month on bills and living and figure out what you can afford to save. It can be as low as £5 but it all adds up. If you’re really struggling you could start by cutting out your daily coffee or that lunch you buy at work. Over time you’ll get used to saving and you’ll be able to set bigger savings goals.

how to meet people if you're permanently single

Problem no 2 – I’m permanently single!

You’re preaching to the choir sister. I’ve been single for a long time and it can be very hard to meet Mr right. Why not try a new hangout where you know there’ll be people you’ve not met before – perhaps you could start a new hobby? Or what about trying a dating app like Plenty of Fish (fondly known as pof)

learn to appreciate your surroundings

Problem no 3 – I wish I was sunbathing on a beach

Don’t we all! Whilst it’s great having those two weeks when you can put your feet up and drink cocktails all day – we can’t afford to do that all the time. I bet if that’s all you did you’d get pretty bored – and skint too! Why not spend more time outside getting fresh air and away from the stuffiness of the office or home. You could do a daily walk or even start running.

start swimming to appreciate your body

Problem no 4 – I wish my body looked better

Your body is an amazing thing and whilst you may wish you had the body of Rosie Huntington Whitley please don’t dismiss the one you have. Appreciate what your body can do – dance a little, go swimming, try yoga or even rock climbing. You’ll start to feel better as you’re exercising and you’ll probably get trim whilst you’re at it!

learn to love your job

Problem no 5 – My job is a nightmare

Do you really hate your job or do you just think you do? Don’t let those little niggles wind you up. Try to think of the positives of the tasks and people you deal with daily and work out what rewards it gives you. If you really do hate it work out what you want to do and companies you want to work for. You can the refresh your cv and start with a fresh look for your new career.

how to stop being distracted by everything

Problem no 6 – Everything distracts me!

One of the worst offenders when it comes to distraction has got to be whatsapp. When things are constantly popping up on your phone or work computer it can be hard to stay focused as your mind is constantly being distracted. Try switching off your notifications and ignoring the pop ups and seeing how much you’ll achieve.