L’Oreal unveil new quad eyeshadow pallettes: Color Riche Beige Trench

L’Oreal have kept things pretty quiet on the eyeshadow sector till recently when they launched their new quad eyeshadows to create smokey eyes.

Beige trench has a palette of four shades including a light grey, gold, light beige and brown shade. It comes with a handy applicator so you can choose whether to apply with your fingers or the brush.

I have used L’Oreal’s due eyeshadows before and find it really useful that they include a number director on teh back of the eyeshadow. Each colour corresponds to a number which is mapped out in a diagram of numbers which relate to diffferent sections of the eye area.

I think the colour palette is quite nice, albeit slightly light but it’s perfect for a casual day look. Whilst sticking to the diagram I did find it a bit difficult to get the shades sectioned as instructed but did my best.

The eyeshadow was still in place at the end of the day but it was certainly lighter then when first applied.

I’d give it a 4/5


  • Four shades in one to be used together or seperately
  • A handy diagram on the back instructs how the eyeshadow should be applied for the ultimate look
  • Perfect for a casual look


  • Colours do apply quite light so if you like your eyeshadow heavy it may not be the one for you
  • The eyeshadow is glitter based and over the course of the day a lot of this rubs off which can be annoying for some people