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L’Oreal Holographic eyeshadow in Meteorite Bronze

L’Oreal holographic eyeshadow in bronze has an interesting colour to it that makes you want to pick it off the shelf. It gives you the impression that there is a array of colours in the one shadow that will really give character to your eye.

You can apply the shadow with the brush provided or use your fingers, but you’ll probably find it easier to blend/smudge with your fingers. It applies easily and looks really smooth on your eyelid, and I’ve always found that you don’t tend to get a lot of colour loss on the lighter L’Oreal colours.

The overall effect is a dual colour that gives the impression you took your time in blending together two different coloured eyeshadows. The colour is a gold/beige/green that changes as the light dips in and out.

So for around £5-6 you will be getting yourself a product that makes you look like you’ve spent ages applying your makeup when you can dash this on in five minutes. I’ve always loved L’Oreal eyeshadows and this is one of the main reasons for it. My verdict, 5/5.