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How to Look Great at the Gym – a Brief Guide

how to look great at the gym

Even though we’ve just left summer behind us, it doesn’t mean that we should let ourselves go. Cold months ahead of us will make it easier to stay in the comfort of our homes, which, in turn, means that we’ll put on weight more easily too. This is why it’s a good idea to get a gym membership and stay in shape. When you go to the gym, you don’t have to spend an hour getting ready, but you shouldn’t look like you’ve just gotten out of bed either. Here’s a brief guide on looking stylish at the gym.

Stay clean

Yes, you will get all sweaty and stinky after a workout, but that doesn’t mean that you should go to the gym smelling like you’ve spent a whole day in the sun and forgot to take a shower. You shouldn’t go too far with the deodorant, perfume, and cologne either – after all, you will get all sweaty in the end. The key is to find a balance: make sure your clothes, shoes, and gym bag are all clean and if you’ve had a long day, jump into the shower for a couple of minutes; not only will you be smelling better, but you’ll feel better too.

to look great at the gym ditch the makeup

Ditch the makeup

Girls, this one’s for you: you don’t need makeup in the gym! You’re going there to work out, which means that you will get all sweaty, your hair will be sticking to your face and neck, and any makeup you might have on will be running down your face, making a mess of your clothes and towel. Make sure you wash away all the makeup before you go to the gym to avoid these accidents from happening. Carry your makeup bag with you and after you’ve taken a shower at the end, feel free to apply your makeup as usual.

No need for jewellery

This goes for both sexes: leave your jewellery behind. If you don’t want to take your engagement or wedding ring off, that’s perfectly fine, but you should wear gloves that will allow you to use the equipment without hurting yourself or damaging your jewellery. All other things: necklaces, bracelets, and earrings should be taken off so as to avoid damaging them or hurting yourself. Instead, opt for useful accessories: protective gloves, reliable earphones or headphones, hair ties, water bottle, and yoga mat. If you pick the right accessories, there won’t be the need for you to wear jewellery, and you can always put on your watch, ring, and bracelet when you leave the gym.

how to look great at the gym wear comfortable clothes

Comfy and stylish

There are two things you need to remember when it comes to the clothes you are wearing to the gym – you should feel comfortable, but you should also stay safe. You might think that an oversized tee and a pair of old sweatpants will be fine, but keep in mind that clothes made from cotton stay wet longer and stick to your body, and oversized clothes can easily get caught in the equipment or move in the most unexpected moment, revealing more than you’d feel comfortable showing to the others. The best weightlifting clothes should fit you perfectly but still be comfortable, stretchy and breathable, made of polyester and spandex, which makes them dry fast and allows you to move freely.

Keep in mind that you’re going to the gym to exercise, take care of your body, stay healthy, and lose some weight. All your hard work and effort will mean nothing if you hurt yourself because you wore the wrong type of clothes or shoes. Remember not to dress up like you’re headed to a party, but rather focus on being comfortable and staying safe.

Guest post by Diana Smith

how to look great at the gym