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Lazy Nail Wraps Collaborate with Tata Naka to create a series of unique print nail wraps

 Lazy Nails have collaborated with reknowned fashion designers Tata Naka to create a SS14 nail wraps. The wraps have a unique design that are inspired by Tata Naka’s collection shown at London Fashin Week.

Tata-Naka was born when two identical twins from Tbilisi, Georgia began to design prints and contrasting opposites to reflect the dual nature of the brand. The Tata-Naka collection regularly stared in Sex and the City and was even worn by Carrie Bradshaw on the cover of her book.

Ambassadors of the brand include Cameron Diaz, Mina Suvari and Sarah Jessica Parker with celebrity fans like Jessie J and Pixie Lott.

The SS14 collection consists of inhouse prints that are based on their paintings and photographs, capturing real life imagery and timeless pieces that fans can fall in love with over and over again.

Designs that are available include Harlequin Ballet Print, Alphabet Print, Ballet Ruses Alphabet Print, Hexagon Ballet print and Blue Bird Ballet print.

I was lucky enough to sample these new designs, and have to say the design itself was eye catching and very colourful. There was a range of sizes to fit each finger, however I did feel they could have had a wider selection as a few of the wraps didn’t fit snugly on my fingers. The wraps come with a nail wipe to remove any residue, nail file and manicure stick so you can even apply on the move.

The wrap stuck on quite well and other then the size difference my nails made quite a statement.

I’ll give them 3/5



Nail wraps retail at £9.99 and you can buy them direct from Lazy Nail Wraps