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Ladybug Nail Tutorial

Ladybug is a nail tutorial that celebrates one of the prettiest bugs on earth. It involves only three main products to recreate and is relatively simple.

Here’s what you need to do:

1, Get a bright red (I used OPI Coca Cola red) and paint your little finger and index finger
2. Get a good white and paint the middle and ring fingers so they’re completely covered. I used MUA All Nude. Bear in mind white nail polishes are often really thin so you will need quite a few coats!
3. Get a black nail art pen and paint little and larger black dots on your red nails. I used Barry M nail art pen in black.
4. Get a fine nail art brush and slowly paint each half of your ladybird. I put them in different orders on each nail.
5. Use your nail art pen to create the head and antennae
6. Use the nail art pen to create small spots on the red parts of the ladybirds body. Try to make them random as ladybirds don’t have symmetrical spots.

If you try this I’ll love to see your final look!