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Get high end makeup at high street prices with Aldi Lacura makeup dupes

Forget paying big bucks for high end makeup, Aldi makes designer makeup accessible for everyone with their Lacura range

Get high end makeup at high street prices with Aldi Lacura makeup dupes

Do you wish you could buy Charlotte Tilbury makeup at high street prices? You may be delighted to know you can – well a almost identical Charlotte Tilbury dupe anyway. Aldi’s Lacura range imitates many big budget brands like Benefit, Nars and of course Charlotte Tilbury. The products are at least £10.00 cheaper which puts a lot of money back into your beauty (or savings) pot. Here’s the lowdown on Lacura Broadway Shape and Glow – the dupe of Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow (RRP £49.00).

Get high end makeup at high street prices with Aldi Lacura makeup dupes 1

The instant advantage of Lacura Broadway Shape and Glow is how cheap it is in comparison to the real version (a saving of £42.01!). The stylish gold packaging are pretty similar between the two palettes, as are the colours used. I would say however Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze uses slightly a darker bronzer shade. It’s suitable for light to medium skin tones.

Get high end makeup at high street prices with Aldi Lacura broadway shape and glow swatch

When swatched I found both the bronzer and highlighter to have quite a soft focus effect. The colour spectrum is quite light so it’s a good palette for fair skin. Both the contour and highlighter have a delicate shimmer running through them; although the highlighter had a lot more pigmentation.

The highlighter has a gorgeous champagne hue and I love how pretty it looks on my skin. Whilst it seems quite faint in the swatch, on application it really seems to come alive. I only really needed one swipe on my cheekbones to get a really strong shimmer that adds shape and definition to my face. It blends seamlessly into my skin and the highlighter can be layered for a more intense effect. The contour shade is very subtle and I’m glad it doesn’t make my face appear dirty like some contours can. The contour works well with the highlight to juxtapose and give me cheekbones to die for.

Over the course of the day the intensity of the highlighter fades away, by evening it’s still visible but a lot more subtle. The highlight stays intact throughout the day and doesn’t break down into glitter particles. That’s a good thing for all those who prefer not to look like a glitter ball. I can’t say the bronzer really stays visible for longer then a few hours and doesn’t have the same staying power as the highlighter.

Aldi Lacura Broadway Shape and Glow certainly ticks all the boxes if you want the quality of high end makeup without paying the price. They look pretty much identical and the highlighter lasts for ages. Whilst the bronzer doesn’t last so long I think it’s worth buying for the highlight alone. A real steal.

I give it 4/5

Get it in store whilst stocks last.

Aldi has limited stock of its popular makeup dupes so get them while you can!



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