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Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails and Blooming False Lashes Review and Competition

kiss gel fantasy nails and kiss blooming lashes

With the warmer weather Summer is the perfect season to let your hair down, dress up and have fun.

Not one to miss a party Kiss have released their new strip lash Blooming Lash and collection of Gel Fantasy nails.

Nothing can transform a look more than beautiful long lashes. As great as it is mascara can only do so much in improving the look of your lashes. Kiss Blooming Lashes is perfect for finishing the look and adding that little bit of glamour.
kiss blooming false lashes in peony
The new lashes have been designed with Multi-angle technology so you can get a number of lashes on a single band. Unlike some lashes however these don’t look heavy. I like how natural Blooming Lash look as I think the bulkier lashes are so obviously fake and tacky looking. There are already two designs in the collection; Lily and Daisy but Peony seems a lot thicker and darker. The lashes do look really natural and didn’t feel heavy like some false lashes can. They did stay on for most of the day but started to peel at the edges around 3pm (don’t you love that).

If you hate your nail polish chipping then the new collection of Gel Fantasy nails will put your pet hate to rest. The range is super bright with a lovely ultra-smooth finish and can last up to a week. The new designs include Freshen Up, Painted Veil and Rock Candy.

kiss fantasy nails freshen upI don’t often wear false nails as they really irritate me but these looked so pretty I couldn’t resist. Whilst they’re all great designs my favourite has to be the sunset pink nails with glitter at the bottom. Each pack has 24 nails that come in varying sizes which is perfect as it fits a range of hand sizes. As I have tiny hands it’s good there were lots of little nails. You can apply them with adhesives or glue depending on which option you prefer. In my opinion glue is the better option as adhesive pads don’t tend to last very long.

The nails generally fitted quite well although there were a few that had a slightly off shape and cut into my fingers slightly. The nails are not too long and are quite shiny, although not as much as real gel nails.

kiss fantasy gel nails in freshen upThe nail glue is very strong and keeps the nails put for days. I also found it was really hard to get the nails off and took me about a half hour which wasn’t fun. Depending on how much you like false nails you may want to give the adhesive pads a go.

To celebrate the launch of these products I am giving you the chance to win two of the new Gel Fantasy nails Painted Veil and Rock Candy. To enter simply follow the Rafflecopter instructions. The competition will run from 24th July 2016 to 24th August 2016 starting and finish at 12am. UK only. Good luck!

If you don’t want to wait you can get Rock Candy for £6.99 at Boots here 
Painted Veil for £6.99 at Boots here
Get Freshen Up for £7.99 at Superdrug here
Get Peony for £6.12 at Superdrug here

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