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Kiko Smart Lipstick in 919 (Sugar Pink) review

kiko smart lipstick 919 sugar pink review

What the brand says
Kiko Smart Lipstick has been designed to give the ultimate comfort and nourishment to your lips. Available in 24 shades from the delicate to extreme, the lipstick have a silky texture that allow them to glide on with ease. They also come in three finishes, full, satin and pearl.

The Lowdown
I first saw Sugar Pink in the shop and fell in love. It is simply gorgeous. It has the most soft light inner sparkle that you can ever expect to see on a lipstick. In the swatch you can clearly see it has this pearl luminosity that seems to make it really stand out.

kiko smart lipstick 919 review

As the colour is so light the lipstick isn’t very visible when applied to the lips and appears to look more like a lip balm. It does however have a sparkly sheen that is more visible when the light hits. It has a pleasant vanilla scent and isn’t drying. I did notice a slight tingling effect when wearing the lipstick which I thought was quite unusual as it’s not a plumping lipstick. After wearing the lipstick for a few hours it had completely disappeared without a trace.

When I first saw this in the shop I thought it was gorgeous and hoped it would look amazing on. I was expecting the colour to be a bit more noticeable then it was as I like to be able to see my lipstick so that aspect was a little disappointing. There are of course lots of other shades in the range that are a lot brighter if you wanted an alternative. At just £3.90 it’s not a bad value product but it doesn’t have the best longevity or brightness. If you want something low key for a off day this will be perfect.

I give it 2/5

Get your smart lipstick for £3.90 here