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Kardashian Beauty Light Stroke Double Sided Luminizer in Illusion review

The Kardarshians are well known for their polished looks and healthy tans, not to mention the reality TV series that brought them to the helm of all our TV sets. Did you know that they recently brought out their own makeup range, Kardashian Beauty? Part of their Kardashian Beauty range is the double sided Light Stroke Luminizer that highlights the face in two easy steps.

One side of the pen shaped wand is a roller ball and the other side has a more simplistic crayon like tip. Illusion is a very pale pink shade and when swatched the crayon offers a very sheer streamlined stroke whilst the rollerball is a lot more pigmented and more defined.

The crayon is great for highlighting the eyebrow bone but takes a little longer to blend into the cheek area. The effect of the crayon is very slight and I can’t say it really added much of a shimmer. The rollerball seemed quite promising when swatched but on applying to my face the rollerball stuck and seemed to dry out. The result was quite faint and quite hard to blend in.

The dual nature of this luminizer is a great aspect for applying to different parts of the face but the effect is very slight and hardly noticeable. There are a lot better cheaper alternatives out there that perform at a far higher level.

I give it 2/5

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