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Three fantastic juice recipes for better skin and hair

You can’t look at a glossy magazine these days without seeing a celebrity papped with something bright and colourful. Juices are the new big thing and with ventures like Juice Plus saturating the market, everyone is getting on the bandwagon. So what’s so good about a juice in the morning? Juices have a lot of nutrients which make your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and it’s so much more palatable then a plate of Kale. So what sort of juice should you be going for?

Benefits of juicing

three fantastic juice recipes for better skin and hair

A juicing recipe that is great for skin..

Beetroots are packed with antioxidants and they are perfect for helping your skin to renew itself. Raw beetroots are high in folate which is vital for DNA replication and to protect your cells from skin damage. Drink this daily and I promise your skin will have a gorgeous glow.


A juicing recipe that is perfect for hair..

Do you want your hair to glow with health? This cucumber based juice is full of benefits that help keep hair healthy and looking great. Cucumber contains pantothenic acid which stimulates hair growth, spinach contains beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant for healthy hair development and almonds are rich in biotin (vitamin B7) which helps your hair to grow faster.


New on the juice scene? Try this..

You may be used to pure juice which can be very sweet and quite addictive. This juice contain oranges to give it some sweetness to slowly wean yourself onto healthier juices. It also contains carrots and lemon to make it healthier and a touch of ginger to give the juice a warm buzz.


Alternatively if you’re too lazy to make your own you can buy Raw Smoothies by Nosh Detox (RRP for eight) which will give you beauty benefits without the effort. Order online at As this is the world’s first 100% raw smoothie you’ll get as much good stuff as if you’d made it yourself. Win win. Find more more natural ways to keep your skin and hair healthy.

3 fantastic juice recipes for better skin and hair