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JackyMac Mineral Foundation in Warm

JackyMac is a mineral makeup company producing a large number of unique mineral eyeshadows and foundations.

This particular JackyMac foundation was very unusual in that it was formulated entirely of powder and looked more like a compact powder.

The product comes in a circular pot that is sealed by a hygiene sticker on top of the holes. On taking the sticker off it is quite easy to get the product out simply by tapping the sides.

I applied the foundation with a brush and found that not much of it stayed on my face and just seemed to drop off onto the chair and the desk. I have heard of cream to powder foundations but never a powder on its own so I wasn’t entirely sure how it was really supposed to work.

In the end I did manage to get some of the powder to stay on my face but I can’t say the coverage was very good as it wasn’t able to sink into my skin very well.

As it didn’t really work with my skin i’d give it a 2/5




You can find this foundation here