It’s time to get christmassy with Xmas Clementines cupcakes

Today I felt inspired to get in the Christmas mood and make some delightful christmas themed cakes. To add a Xmas feel the cakes were created with bite sized pieces of clementine mixed with flour, sugar and eggs. This adds a fruity zest to the cake that gives it a real kick and makes it extra juicy. With the remaining clementine juice I mixed it with icing sugar to create the icing I placed my Christmas motifs on.

Starting off with a Christmas tree I sprinkled edible gold stars onto the icing.

Next up is the ultimate reminder of Christmas, a snowman. Sadly I had run out of white icng so yellow had to do! (Very Simpsonfied)

Last but not least is my Santa Claus cupcakes. With no white icing I had to improvise on his beard with silver balls and a ball for his hat.