It’s Snow Joke: Create a Christmas Themed Festive Nail Art

Okay so it’s not snowing yet but give it a month or two and we’ll have our mandatory two inches. Whilst we wait however we can get into the Winter spirit with these snowy nails.

To create you will need a striping brush, a spotting tool, red, blue, white, orange nail varnish and a black nail art pen. The blue pen by Barry M can be used to touch up any mistakes.

1. First pain your nails in a blue shade for the sky.
2. Next use a striping brush to paint a medium sized white blob for the snowmans body and a smaller blob for his head. Grab the spotting tool dip it in the white and slowly pat it onto your nail, alternating the size of the snow by using the whole tool and half of it for smaller flakes
3. Once your snowman body is dry you will need to paint on the detail. Use the striping tool to paint a small red scarf on each snowman and the black nail art pen to paint his eyes and buttons
4. No snowman is complete without his nose! Use the striping tool to very carefully add a small line for a carrot just under the eyes.
5. To complete the look use the black pen to add a little hat to your snowman. This point is completely optional and you could have a few snowmen with and a few without.