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Is Schwarzkopf leading the way in creating a new generation of hairspray?

When you’ve painstakingly spent hours curling your hair the last thing you want is for them all to fall out.

I feel so much better about myself when I have big curly waves, and the best way to set them is by using a hairspray.

Schwarzkopf Got 2b hairspray in sparkling aims to add shine, dazzle and extra hold to your hair.

The packaging is a gorgeous pink sparkly container which really suits its purpose. The spray is lightweight and doesn’t leave a nasty crispy shell on hair like a lot of hair sprays do. It also has a really pleasant smell and even though you can still sense it’s hairspray odour it’s nowhere near as obvious as some products.

When products say they add shine i’m often pretty sceptical but looking at the before and after photos I have to say there’s certainly a bit of difference and my hair seems a lot shinier in the after photo.

As for longevity I can’t say my curls really stayed in all that long and I’m a bit sad about that. I did have to go out in the rain but I was wearing a hood so I’m not sure it would have been affected all that much.

Overall I would say that Got 2b Schwarzkopf hairspray is a new breed with a pleasant smell, and added shine. The only downside is it doesn’t last that long.
Before                                                                                                  After