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How to get traffic to your blog using Rafflecopter

How to get traffic to your blog using Rafflecopter main

Rafflecopter is great for increasing traffic to your blog and generating new readers

If you’re struggling to get traffic to your blog one of the quickest and easiest ways to generate traffic is by running a competition. Everyone loves the chance to win something nice and they do wonders in boosting your readership and gaining new followers. One of the best methods of running a competition I’ve found is through the Rafflecopter. The Rafflecopter is basically a really straight forward form that you can use so people can enter your competitions. All of the data is entered and contained within the Rafflecopter app and you don’t have to worry about looking after emails, worrying who’s entered and so on. The administration of competitions can be a hassle but Rafflecopter takes all the trickiness away.

So how does Rafflecopter work?

how to get traffic to your blog using rafflecopter

First you need to sign up

Before you can start setting up your competitions you need to sign up. Registering is really easy and only requires you to fill in a few details. You can use Rafflecopter completely for free with basic options (all you really need to run a competition), Basic for £13.00, £43.00 for Grow and £84.00 for Premium. Each upgrade gets you more features with Premium getting you everything Rafflecopter has to offer including viral entries and unlimited themes. Once you’ve signed up you can simply login and all your details including past competitions will be there waiting for you.

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Set your competition up

Once you’ve set your account up you can start to set your first competition up. The interface is really simple and you can see to start a new competition you just need to click on the giveaway option on the side. Once you’ve held a few competitions they will all be listed at the bottom of the screen. Competitions starting soon will show up as coming up soon and active giveaways will appear at the top of the screen.

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how to get traffic to your blog using rafflecopter 4

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Setting up your options

One handy little feature of the Rafflecopter is that you don’t need to start from scratch. Once you’ve held one competition you can duplicate it so all entry options you put last time will be replicated – this saves a lot of time. Basic members can’t do things like put a picture of your competition in the form or have entries through Pinterest. You can do most things manually though and create your own options where you can ask people to share your blog post or comment on another blog post. At the top you’ll put in what you’re giving away, fill in the terms and conditions and give your competition a nickname so you can find it easily next time.

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It’s time to list your competition!

Once you’ve finished putting all your options on your competition you’re ready to list your giveaway. Rafflecopter gives you a really simple html code which you can embed on your website. If you don’t have access to html you can still use it by inserting a link to your competition on your blog, you can even list it on your Facebook page.

Competitions are a fantastic way of bringing traffic to your site and using the Rafflecopter is as easy as ABC. When thinking about what prize to giveaway make sure it relates to the genre of your site. If you have a parenting blog for example a game of chess probably won’t hit the spot. If your prize is relevant to the people who enter hopefully you’ll gain new readers for life. Make sure it’s something that will get tongues wagging and make people want to share your competition so their friends and family can enter. You can give extra options for those who share your giveaway on social media. Top places to list your competition include:

The Prizefinder
Competition Database
Serenity You
Giveaway Monkey
Life in a Breakdown
Uk Bloggers
Mud Pie Fridays

Good luck with your giveaways and don’t forget to comment below to let me know how much traffic Rafflecopter is getting you!

transform your blog traffic with rafflecopter