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I Love Makeup Unicorns Heart highlighter review

i love makeup unicorn heart highlighter

What the brand says
Get a magical unicorn glow with the Rainbow highlighter from I Love Makeup, a highlighter that blends perfectly. So perfect you could say it was made by real unicorns 😉

The lowdown
I’ve been trying to get my hands on this for weeks and finally after a restock I was successful!

Unicorns heart is a stunning highlighter with bright shimmery colours. In the pan it features a baby pink, gold, light green, baby blue and lilac shades. When swatched the shades were a lot stronger than the Lottie London Mermaid Glow highlighter which I tried recently.

i love makeup unicorn heart highlighter shades

To really show you how the highlighter performs I have filmed how the different shades of the highlighter appear on my face. The gold and pink shades are probably my favourite and give a really lovely soft glow.  The green and baby blue give a amazing frosty highlight but I think perhaps the effect is a little too intense. A small amount is probably plenty with these two shades. The lilac shade is really pretty and provides quite an intense highlight that is not as in your face as the blue and green. Finally I tried all the shades together, the highlighter is of course quite intense and the blue and green does overtake the other colours.

i love makeup unicorn heart highlighter swatch

Unicorns heart works really well individually or in groups of shades and the whole palette gave off a intense highlight. You can go natural or extreme depending on the look you after but I do think the frosty shade is probably too over the top, especially if you prefer a natural look.

All the highlighters are extremely long lasting and by the evening the highlight was still visible.

At its great value for money and very much worth buying!

I give it 5/5

Grab it now for £5 at Tambeauty