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I Love Makeup Blushing Hearts Blushing Heart Review

I Love makeup Blushing Hearts Blushing heart review

What the brand says
I Love Makeup want to get makeup lovers hearts fluttering with their Blushing Hearts blusher range.

Part of the much loved Makeup Revolution brand I Love Makeup has a large range of products include eyeshadow palettes, blushers, highlighter, lipsticks and more.

Each blush has three strips of colour which can be used together or on their own to warm up the skin and give a rosy glow.


I Love Makeup Blushing Heart Swatch

This has to be literally the cutest blusher I have ever seen! I’ve bought quite a few blushers in my time and I’ve only seen a few that actually have pigment as strong as the Blushing Hearts range.

I love how varied the range is and I can’t wait to add more of the highlighters and palettes to my collection.

With the amount of pigment in the blush I was expecting the colour when applied to be really strong but it was actually really natural. I was left with a warm rosy glow that didn’t look like I’d thrown glitter all over my face.

A lovely palette that leaves a lovely glow without being too over the top. Initially the colour is very light and not too visible but it is buildable so you can get the effect you desire. It’s really long lasting and by the evening I still had a lovely rosy glow.

I give it 4/5

I Love Makeup blushing hearts blushing heart on

Get it for £4.99 at Makeup Revolution. You can also get it in store at Superdrug.