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I Heart Makeup U R The Best Thing Palette review


i heart makeup u r the best thing review

What the brand says
what better excuse could you have to buy a new eyeshadow Palette then U R The Best Thing? The collection palette has 32 shades that are set to stun.

i heart makeup u r the best thing palette review

The Lowdown
i heart makeup u r the best thing shimmer shadesPart of the Makeup Revolution range, I Heart Makeup is like the little sister brand. The palette has 32 eyeshadows in total, with 22 pearl and 10 matte shades. Considering the palette only costs  £5.99 you’re getting amazing value for money.

i heart makeup u r the best thing matte shadesThe palette is quite large and comes wiht a full size mirror and two double ended sponge brushes. The palette is so big and varied you could take it on holiday for two weeks and probably have different looks for both day and night. The packaging itself is also really funky with a bright purple box and metallic pink writing.

i heart makeup u r the best thing shimmer shadesAs with the majority of Makeup Revolution range the matte eyeshadows have never been my favourite and are quite lacklustre and dull. Initially when I swatched them I had to work really hard to get any colour at all but the second time around I got a bit more colour without as much effort. I did note the second time around my wrist was wet so that probably made a difference.

The first row of shimmer shades is quite varied with a mix of
i heart makeup u r the best thing shimmer swatchcolours from light brown to pink and gold. The second row of shimmer shades are a lot more similar and are mainly nudes with a lot of brown and dark pink. The swatches really don’t do them justice as they are really pigmented and look so sparkly on. The shades are also really soft and buttery and it was so easy to get lots of colour.

Using this palette I’ve decided to create two different looks to show the palettes potential.

Look one:
1. First I applied the light gold shade on the inner corner of my eye.
2. Next I used the mid shade gold to  coat the outer 2/3 of the lid
3. I blended the dark gold on the outer edge of the lid on top of the mid shade gold. This creates a subtle smokey eye

Look two:
1. This look is a little more girly so I opted for lighter pink shades. First I used the really light pink on the inner corner of my eye.
2. Next I blended the light purple shade on the outer 2/3 of the lid. Make sure the blend between the two shades is seamless.
3. Finally I added a bit of substance by blending the dark purple on top of the light purple.

I did think the gold shades were easier to blend then the purple/pink shades and I like them a bit more. The gold shades are a lot more compact whilst the first pink shade I  used had quite a lot of visible glitter content which I’m not the biggest fan of.

Both looks lasted for hours without budging and I didn’t end up with lots of glitter under my eyes which is a real bonus!

This palette is amazing value and the majority of the eyeshadows are really good quality.  The shades are long lasting and as long as they’re blended correctly don’t tend to crease. At under £6 you can’t go wrong even if some shades aren’t the best.

I give it 4/5

Get it for £5.99 at Superdrug