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How to stop yourself burning in Summer with Riemann P20 Once a Day Sun Protection

The Hype
Whether you’re basking on a hot beach or simply wandering around town, it’s important to stay protected. Whether it’s overcast or a bright blue sky the level UVA and UBV rays can still affect and burn your skin.

P20 the iconic once a day sun protection brand has created a new range that makes it much easier for all skin types to stay protected.

Unlike traditional suncreams, P20 contains UVA and UVB filters that provide protection for up to 10 hours after just one application. It has a alcohol based formula that is very different to most products on the market.

The original P20 SPF 20 is available in a light lotion whilst SPF 15,30 and 50+ have been formulated into a spray for easy application. Whilst many suncreams are not water resistant, P20 has been categorised as very water resistant under European health and beauty industry Colipa’s guidelines.

The Lowdown
When you’re on holiday and you’re sitting under the hot sun for the majority of the day, the combination of sweat and suncream can leave you feeling very sticky and uncomfortable. From personal experience I’m not a fan and have to take regular showers to get rid of that horrible feeling.

For the purposes of the review I am testing the SPF 20 Medium lotion and the SPF 30 High spray.

When testing the lotion I was surprised to find it was actually more like a oil with a slightly greasy consistency. Once rubbed in the yellow oil transforms into a transparent liquid. I was expecting it to have a pleasant smell that you associate with suncream but it was very alcohol based and not very pleasant. The bottle isn’t really user friendly and I lost far more product then I should have done as it’s hard to tell where to squeeze the bottle!

The spray which doesn’t hide the fact it has alcohol in smells very strongly of it when applied. I won’t lie I don’t really like smelling like I’ve sprayed strong alcohol on. Whilst the spray is supposed to be quick drying it still remained wet after several minutes of application. After a longer period of time the spray changes to a slightly greasy sheen. One of the major benefits of the spray is that it can be directed wherever you want without lengthy application times. I would add also that there is a known issue with the spray damaging clothes and causing them to turn yellow.

The products are the most effective after fifteen minutes which gives the products enough time to settle and protect the skin.  The products work really well as suncream and protect from those pesky burns without having to be applied multiple times.

It’s fantastic that these products only need to be applied once whilst in the sun as having to take time out to reapply product can be a pain. I am put off by the alcoholic scent and feel this can be masked but the excellent protection overweighs this.

I give P20 Sun Protection 3/5

The range are available in both 200ml and 100ml sizes.

Get the 30 SPF spray in 200ml for £19.99 at Boots 

Get the 20 SPF lotion in 200ml for £19.99 at Boots