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How to stay motivated when you’ve lost your mojo

top tips on how to stay motivated

No matter how determined we are in life to achieve that must have promotion, a step onto the housing ladder or even getting hold of that limited edition perfume sometimes life can get in the way and we can lose our motivation. No matter what the setback may be we can achieve anything if we really want to. Here’s a few tips to inspire you to keep motivated so you can reach that goal.

Stay in high spirits
At the start of your journey note down what your goal is and how you’re going to achieve it. Break it down into smaller short term goals which will help you achieve your major long term goal. Keep track of where you are and this will keep you motivated to succeed.

When setting your goals try to set up a checkpoint every week so you can see if you’ve hit the spot or not. If you have hit your checkpoint or even excelled it you’ll feel super motivated, and if you haven’t you can reassess and see what you need to do to get there next week.

Get rewarded
Just like dogs we like to get a little treat after doing well at something. Allow yourself a treat if you’ve hit your target, for example that DVD you really wanted or a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s. This way you’ll align success with reward and you’ll want to keep it up.

Don’t burn yourself out
Whilst you should most definitely work hard to achieve your goals, you shouldn’t burn yourself out to get there. If your goal is to get that dream house and you’re working three jobs you may want to reassess if the stress on you is worth it in the long run. You could perhaps go down to two jobs and then you’ll have more time to care for yourself and stay healthy. It’s important to give yourself a break in any situation, even if you’re just studying for your latest exams.

Don’t be your own worst enemy
If you don’t hit your target for whatever reason it can be very easy to criticise yourself. There’s often a good reason that you didn’t meet your target and that reason is something you can learn from. Try and complete your next target ahead of time so you’re not to off schedule and move on.

Watch motivational material
It probably sounds cheesy but watching a motivating film or TV program can really fill you with determination to succeed. Whether it’s a famous figure in history like Nelson Mandela or a rags to riches story a rise to success can be so inspiring.

Avoid distractions
No matter how determined you are it can be easy to have your head turned by distractions. Whether it’s a cream cake that will ruin your diet or a pair of trousers you want but don’t really need you can avoid it by reminding yourself of your goals. Move away from the distraction and refocus on what you’re trying to achieve.

Do some exercise
You’ve probably heard countless times of the benefits of exercising. It’s true however that a certain amount of light exercise can make us feel happier,and more exhilarated due to the endorphins created by physical activity. This will improve your mood and keep you on the right track to hit your goals.

Spice it up a little
If things are monotonous you may get a little bored and lose motivation. You can break this monotony by doing something different like a lunch date or creating an exciting new look.

I hope this helps you to keep your motivation and achieve that must have dream. I’d love to know if it helps!