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How to make your hair look thicker

tips on making your hair look thicker

When it seems like everyone but you has gorgeous, thick flowing locks it can feel like you were last in the line when God was handing out good hair. If your hair is fine or lacklustre there’s no need to be so hard on yourself, it’s very likely, that those women with great hair probably had to do a lot to get there. Just like makeup can enhance your features there’s a lot of tricks you can do to enhance your hair. Here’s 9 top tips to get you going.

Pick the right shampoo
When choosing the shampoo you’re going to use opt for a product that is designed to stimulate the follicles on your scalp. This will help your roots to look bigger so your hair looks thicker. You can also massage your scalp which helps blood flow to the area which promotes better hair growth.

Condition carefully
There are some hair products that can weigh your hair down making it look flatter, this can include hair conditioners. If the conditioner is designed to ‘hydrate’ or ‘smooth’ your hair chances are it will have a lot of oils in that will prevent added volume.

Start a blow drying routine
Blow Drying your hair upside down is probably one of the oldest trick in the book to get added volume. First apply a heat protector all over your hair, flip your head upside down and start to blow dry with a round brush. Once your hair is drier flip your head up and finish the rest of your hair in sections.  Use a diffuser to give your hair a volumised look and avoid it going flat.

Lets go old school
It’s not just for 50’s housewives you know, velcro rollers are great for adding extra volume. Once you’ve blow dried your hair clip the rollers in and leave for 20 minutes. After the time is up take the rollers out and lightly brush out the curl. You should have fabulous 50’s glamorous curls.

Help your roots reach for the sky
Tease the roots and add a small amount of root lifter to help the roots stay up. Don’t use too much product or it’ll have the opposite effect and weigh it down.

Don’t forget the hairspray
Once you’ve added a bit of volume to your hair add hairspray to fix the look. Aim to use a hairspray that can thicken or volumise fine hair.

Adding layers
By asking your hairdresser to add layers into your hair you’re giving the illusion that it’s thicker then it is.

Keep brushing to a minimal
If you’re always brushing your hair you find you’re constantly stimulating your hair follicles which adds unnecessary oil. This can lead to the hair becoming heavier and it will look flatter.

Avoid too much hair washing
There’s really no need to wash your hair everyday. Hair is very unlikely to go greasy after a day of not being washed, and even if it did you can use dry shampoo. This will also give you more time to spend doing other things you enjoy like watching a bit of telly.

Are there any tips you use to volumise your hair? Do let me know!