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How to make new friends as an adult

Do you feel more lonely as you get older? Have your friends drifted away? Discover 4 great ways to make new friends as an adult

how to make friends as an adult

When you’re a child it’s so easy to make new friends. You’re constantly meeting new people at school, after school clubs and evening hobbies. As you get older however and head into adulthood, discovering how to make new friends can be tricky, especially if you’ve just moved to a new area where you don’t know a soul. Whilst it may seem hard, the internet makes connecting with new people so much easier and this gives you so many opportunities to make new friends. In my latest post I’ll show you the methods that really work.

use hey zina to meet new people

Hey Zina

Hey Zina is a networking app just for women. It helps you meet new girls from your local area. You can set the distance from 0-50 miles from where you live so you have more opportunities to meet new people. You’ll be presented with a selection of girls and you have to swipe right on the ones you’d like to be friends with. If they swipe right too you’ll create a ditto and then you can message them. The app also offers some quizzes and has created a new way to meet people called Plans. Plans is very similar to MeetUp in that a group of people will meet up together (rather then one to one interactions). There’s no fee but it hasn’t really taken off yet as there’s not much available on the app.

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use bumble to meet new people


No it’s not just a dating app – honest! Bumble is actually very innovative and offers three ways to meet new people – BFF, dating and business. All you need to do is select the option you want and the distance you want between you and the people you’re going to make friends with. You’ll then come up with a number of results like Tinder and every other modern day dating app, you just need to swipe right if you think they will make a great BFF and left if you don’t. If they match with you then you can start getting friendly.

Discover what Bumble is all about

meetup helps you meet new people


Worried about meeting someone on your own? If so MeetUp is the perfect app when you’re first starting out. The app has hundreds of groups in each area in the county based around different interests and age groups. There are groups just for friends, cycling, books, blogging and so much more. Type what you’re looking for on the search box and start joining the groups you like the sound of. Most groups do ask you to pay £1.00 for each meeting that you attend, this is simply to cover the admin fee that MeetUp charge.

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use facebook groups to make friends

Facebook is a great way to make new friends

Facebook is a social network with billions of members on its books. With the amount of people registered it’s the perfect place to start meeting new people. With Facebook groups you can find things that interest you and start to make conversations with the other members. If you find you have things in common you could eventually create your own private chat and discover if they’d like to meet in real life. Alternatively you could look for groups that have been specifically created to make new friends as demonstrated in the picture above.

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As long as you get out there and show the world how great you are, you’ll soon find you can easily make friends as an adult.

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how to make friends as an adult