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How to make friends once you’ve left school with Huggle

meet new people outside of school

When you’re at school it’s so easy to meet new people and make friends. With mixed classes, school trips and new students there were so many opportunities to meet your new bbf.

Once you leave school however things start to change. Despite your best efforts to stay in touch, you and your friends may lose interest in each other and go your separate ways as you head off to work and university.

When I was at school I had a good circle of close friends that I used to hang out with. Once I left we kept in touch and when I went to university. I met a few more, although as I commuted I can’t say we were that close. Over time my friends met their partners, got married or had children and I was left still single with no kids. They don’t have much time anymore and I have plenty. It’s hard to meet up and frustrating as it’s so hard to meet new friends once you’ve left school.

Huggle is an app that’s set to change your social life through the use of digital networking. The app is very much like Tinder or Happn where people who are in the same place as you pop up and you can begin to connect. Whether you do a lot of shopping, you’re always down the gym or even getting a quick coffee you’re bound to find like minded souls in the same place as you. After all if you’ve already got one thing in common then it shouldn’t be too difficult to strike up a conversation.

When I tried it for the first time I signed up with Facebook and logged in. It asked me to find my places with Foursquare or Instagram so I can start to find new people. One of the security features about Huggle is that you can only message people if you’ve been in the same place so if the leisure centre is near you but you’ve never been there those visitors are literally ‘out of bounds’. This is a great way of stopping ‘anyone’ messaging you based on what you look like. Another key feature of Huggle is that even if you didn’t speak to the person you’ve connected with at the location, the details are saved so you can message them when you access the app at a later date.

My one reservation about the app is that people will just see it as another dating app and think you’re trying it on if you message them. Hopefully that isn’t the case but I’m looking forward to trying it out more.


You can get Huggle for free on the App store/Google Play and Windows Store.