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How to handle confrontation

how to handle confrontation

Work and home life can sometimes be stressful. Tempers can get flared and this may lead to confrontation. So what do you do if the thought of confrontation makes you run for the hills? I, like many of you hate confrontation and would do anything to avoid it, even if that can lead to prolonging the problem. Whether you’re worried about upsetting someone or annoying them with your response, confrontation is a way of tackling a issue and correcting it. Bear in mind confrontation does not always lead to a argument, so whether you like to bury your head in the sand or vent your thoughts, here’s the best way to handle  confrontation.

You like to bury your head in the sand…

Whilst it’s scary confronting a issue, hiding your inner feelings will ultimately lead to you devaluing yourself. By confronting the issue you are showing that your point matters just as much as anyone else.

Do you fold at the first hurdle?

Do you find you start off well trying to tackle a problem, but when things get tough you run out of steam? Often the thought that you’re coming across as aggressive can be very off putting and result in you not getting your point across.

If you’re quick to explode

Do you find confrontation makes you so frustrated you get angry and end up blowing up? People who shout or get angry can often get people’s backs up and end up alienating themselves. Whilst you may feel pleased you’ve got this off your mind it’s likely your point won’t be listened to. If you’re hot headed here’s the best way to tackle confrontation.

how to handle confrontation