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How to get whiter teeth using Doll White tooth whitening strips

The Hype
Are you afraid to smile in photos because you’re ashamed of your smile? If so you’re not alone. Almost a quarter of brits refuse to smile in ‘selfies’ or family photos as they’re worried about how it might look on social media. Professional teeth whitening can cost thousands of pounds and can often leave teeth feeling sensitive which is the last thing you want in your bid to whiten your teeth.

To avoid any potential side effects from traditional tooth whitening, Doll White is a peroxide free alternative. The whitening strips are designed to brighten your teeth in 14 days with no irritation or sensitivity.

The Lowdown
Whilst Doll White is a brand new product it already has a celebrity following including Stephanie Davis and Danielle Lloyds (Hollyoaks) and Gretchen Rossi (Real Housewives of  Orange County). With celebrity fans on such a new release I was hoping for good results. Whilst my teeth are not overly yellow it’s always good to get a whiter smile.

Each pack has 14 strips which is the same amount of time the product states it takes to get a whiter smile. To use you peel the foil off the back, take the lower strip and apply it gel side against the teeth and repeat for the upper strip.  I had to leave the strips on for 30 minutes then I threw them away. The strips were a little difficult to get aligned on my teeth but I did manage to get most of it on. The strips are designed to only impact the teeth you see when you smile so you won’t get a full mouth whitened. Generally the strips stayed on well and weren’t too irritating but after twenty minutes the bottom strip did slip and I could feel the jelly in my mouth.

Once I had removed the strips there was quite a lot of gel left on my teeth which was a bit uncomfortable but it was easy enough to get rid of. The strips taste pleasant and are very palatable.
I did find after the first use my teeth seemed a lot brighter, especially on the bottom row of teeth. I will be testing this over the next fourteen days and will post the final results once the pack is finished.

I am actually pretty impressed with Doll White. I have tried quite a few tooth whitening toothpastes in the past which have done very little but after one strip, Doll White seems to be having some effect.

I give it 4/5