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How to get ready for an interview: All you need to know to get the job

How to prepare for a job interview

Learn how to ace that interview for that job you really want with my top tips on how to get ready for an interview

Interviews for many can be very stressful, scary and panic inducing. There are however a number of techniques on how you can get ready for an interview. It’s important to remember that when you’re shortlisted for a interview you’re already halfway there. A employer has looked at your skills on paper and feels that you have the capability to do the job, now all you need to do is talk the talk.

What sort of interviews are there?

Interviews do not come in one format. Depending on the kind of job you’re going for you might find a number of different interviews become open to you. These can include:

Don’t forget to prepare!

Preparation is the key with any interview. If you don’t prepare you may end up getting flustered on the day and losing your cool which could result in you losing the chance of future employment. Remember to:

Combat your nerves!

Nerves can often play havoc with your stomach and can really hinder your performance. There are a number of things you can do to try and limit the nerves. Top tips can include:


Part of preparation for your interview will also include writing a checklist for items you’ll need to take to your interview. Depending on where the interview is and the type of interview you might want to consider taking:

Last things to remember

So you’ve done all your preparation and you’re now at the venue waiting for your interview to begin. It’s always important to make a good impression as this can leave a lasting memory in the employers mind. There are a few factors you can bear in mind to make a good impression:

I hope you find this useful in preparing for your interview. Do let me know how you got on and whether you got the job!

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how to get ready for an interview