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How to get more Youtube followers

How to get more youtube followers

If you’re looking to build your Youtube channel you need more subscribers. Find out how to get more Youtube followers with these super simple channel building tips 

Youtube is a fantastic platform to take advantage of to increase your profile and to showcase your skills. You’ve probably all heard of Zoella, her boyfriend Alfie or even Justin Bieber who were all originally discovered through Youtube. With exposure to millions Youtube is perfect for getting your videos out there and gives you the potential to hit the big time if your video was to go viral. So how do you get your videos to be seen by the masses? Building an audience is not easy but if you are dedicated to creating great content then you’re well on your way. By using these tips I have gone from 332 subscribers in January 2016 to 573 in May 2016. Here’s 10 top tips on how to get more Youtube followers.

Ask for people to subscribe!

This is probably the most simplest form of getting more Youtube followers. Whilst it may seem obvious to you some people are very passive and may not think to follow you, even if they like your content. Simply post a message after or before your video and in the video text asking them to follow you if they like your content.

Run a competition

If you run a blog and you regularly hold competitions you’re probably well aware of how popular competitions can be. You can run a competition on your Youtube channel asking for people that enter to subscribe and comment. You may even want to choose to collaborate with people in a similar niche to you so you can expose the competition to double the amount of subscribers.

Create a good thumbnail

When you’re searching for a Youtube video you’re presented with thousands of results. In order to make your video stand out from the rest try and create a attractive thumbnail picture that really illustrates what your video is about. A pretty image will attract so many more people than the standard Youtube image that is generated when the video finishes uploading. I would recommend using Canva to edit your pictures as you can add text, other images etc.

Use annotations on your videos

On every video there’s a option for you to add annotations. Annotations are little notes that pop up whilst a video is playing prompting you to do something, for example view another video or subscribe. They’re a great way of getting people to wake up a little and do what you’re asking them to (sometimes). To add an annotation click on your video and the annotation is the fourth icon in.

Post regularly

People like to subscribe to a channel that they know is updated regularly. If you post erratically and people never know when they’re going to see you next, they’re unlikely to keep checking in. Try and update at least once a week and let your viewers know that so they’re more likely to subscribe.

Use keywords

I’m a real fan of keywords and they’re amazing for helping people find your video. When you’re ready to post put the product name in the search bar and see what comes up. Put all those search results in your keywords and anything else that you think is relative. That way when people search for this term your video is more likely to come up.

Name your videos appropriately

Just like keywords, a good title will help your video come up in searches. Instead of calling your video Rimmel mascara for example be specific and narrow it down to the actual brand name, for example Rimmel Lash Accelerator review. By narrowing the title down you’ll have less results to compete with and have more chance of showing up.

Be yourself

Whilst you may want to act like a popular Youtube presenter as that’s what made them popular, it probably won’t work. No one loves a copycat and if you’re pretending to be something you’re not people will see right through you. Just be yourself and let your personality shine through in your videos. People love chatty, funny presenters and if that’s you you’ll have no problems attracting new subscribers. You might wants to include a few bloopers as they make people laugh and show that you’re not afraid to take the mick out of yourself.

Keep your content varied

If people land on your channel and they find all your content is pretty much identical they’ll probably get bored pretty quickly. Try and jazz it up a little and shoot in different locations, you could even do vlogs whilst you’re out and about for something different.

Spruce up your channel design

If you don’t have a profile image or a header you haven’t really ‘branded’ your Youtube channel. This may wrongly give the impression that you’re not that bothered about your channel and don’t take it too seriously. It’s very easy and cheap to create your own branded logos, I’d recommend Fiverr to get started.

I hope you find these tips useful in your search for advice on how to get more Youtube followers. Do let me know in the comments box if the tips work for you!