How to get beautiful brows without going to a salon

The Hype
Brows are key to shaping your face and framing your eyes. Without them you would look pretty odd but it can take a bit of work to get the look you desire. Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit is a all in one solution that gives you all the tools you need to shape and create the brows you dream of.

The Lowdown
I do take care of my eyebrows but I can get lazy and slack a little on the old plucking sometimes. I love the idea of perfectly shaped brows and have bought many eyebrow pencils but I never really seem to keep it up as I don’t think  it really makes much of a difference. The kit has pretty much everything you’ll need to make your eyebrows look fabulous including two brushes, a comb, a razor to get rid of unwanted hairs, a light brown and dark brown shade, wax to tame your brows and a highlighter. It also has four handy stencils for different looks including natural, delicate, dramatic and sexy. The one unusual thing about the palette is that there is no mirror, so if you happened to get stuck without one you couldn’t do much with the kit unfortunately.

I’m always a bit worried about changing the shape of my eyebrows in case I make them too thin. I chose the delicate shape as it was the closest to my eyebrow shape currently and I didn’t want to go too radical in case I hated it. The shapes are fairly easy to use, simply place it on your general eyebrow shape and then shade in the brows including where there’s no hair. the one difficult thing I found with the shapes is that whilst you’re creating a new shape you can’t get underneath to reach the hair you need to remove without taking off the stencil.There is a razor included but I wasn’t particularly impressed, it didn’t remove much hair and even cut my brow! The brushes are okay and are perfectly good to fill in the brows. I used the lighter brown shade and found it was a pretty good match for my hair and I didn’t need to use anything else. Once I had finished shaping I used the wax to keep it in place. You can also use the highlighter which is very pigmented to highlight the eye area but I chose not to on this occasion.

I rarely do anything with my eyebrows so I was surprised by how well the new shape and definition really framed my eyes. It’s a great look and it’s fantastic that the kit has everything you’ll need to recreate it. I give it 4/5 as it does lack a mirror.

What do you think? Does the new shape look good or it is too dark? Let me hear your views!

Get yours for £8.99 at Asda


  • Has almost everything you could need to create perfect brows
  • Buildable colour
  • Creates fantastic shaped eyebrows that really frame your eyes
  • Shades are a fairly good match for lighter skinned people


  • Doesn’t have a mirror
  • If you have darker skin you may find the eyebrow shades too light
  • The razor is a bit harsh and didn’t really work very well in eliminating unwanted hairs.
  • Bit tricky to get rid of unwanted hair whilst you’re using the stencil