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How to get a NUS card If you’re not a student

How to get a NUS card If you’re not a student

NUS cards are fabulous little tools, they allow you to get up to 200 great discounts on big brands like ASOS, Co-op and Odeon. With a NUS Extra card you’ll also get 1 year access to a International Student Identity Card (ISIC) which is accepted in 130 countries and offers a whopping 42,000 discounts. Whilst it may seem that NUS cards are only reserved for skint students you may be surprised to learn that absolutely anyone can get hold of one – and you don’t even need to be enrolled on a university or college course. There are many low cost course providers providing e-courses that allow you to get a NUS card and to start saving on your purchases.

How do I get hold of a NUS card?

Courses are often found on sites like Groupon or Wowcher so there are some amazing discounts to be had. Many of the low priced courses available start from as little as £19 (you might even find them cheaper then this!) And content varies from teaching to massage. If you just want the card you can go for the cheapest course possible or you could pick a course that interests you and learn something at the same time. You’ll want to look for a course that specifically mentions you’ll be eligible for a NUS card when you enrol. Wowcher is the best for this as it’s very clear and details the full outline of the course; Groupon is unfortunately a bit more vague. Some course providers include New Skills Academy and Oplex Careers.

Sounds amazing, are they free?

Whilst NUS cards used to be free, unfortunately they’re not anymore. NUS cards cost £12 for a year, £22 for 2 and £32 for 3. Whilst it’s a little annoying it’s no longer free, with the discounts you’ll get over a year you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Have fun and don’t forget to comment below to let me know what discounts you’ve been getting!

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How to get a nus card