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How to find false lashes that feel natural and add subtle glamour

The Hype
Esqido lashes are promoted as the world’s comfiest false eyelashes.

Handcrafted from the softest and finest naturally shed mink hair, the lashes are very natural looking with a beautiful curl that really help to give your own lashes a natural lift without looking too false.

The handmade material results in quality long lasting lashes that are designed to last, unlike synthetic lashes.

The mink lashes are popular amongst makeup artists and celebrities including Rihanna and Victoria Secret angels.


The Lowdown
I was asked to review the BFF lashes and I was really excited to try lashes that were comfortable on the eye. The website has lots of amazing reviews which only made me more excited. I often find false lashes feel heavy and make my eyes feel tired and sticky which is the last thing you want on a night out. Often the lashes I try are synthetic cheap products from stores like Boots and Superdrug so they wouldn’t have the same quality as handmade lashes. The lashes had simple but beautiful packaging which kept the lashes secure in transport and the box is great for storage.

The lashes are fairly easy to apply and fit snugly next to my own lashes. The lashes look really natural but at the same time really make my eyes stand out. They were comfortable and I can’t say they were heavy or irritating.

The BFF lashes are lovely and perfect for adding a subtle glamour to your look without being too over the top.

I give them 4/5

Get yours for $35 

Head over to Esqido to take the eyelash quiz and find your perfect pair. If for whatever reason you’re not happy you have a 60 day guarantee for Esqido to put it right.