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How to do a pedicure at home using items from Superdrug #cbias

Instead of spending lots of money on a salon to get a pedicure done, why not do it yourself? I was lucky enough to be picked for Collective Bias Superdrug pedicure shop and was challenged to find items for a pedicure for £10.

We’re often on our feet all day, doing the cooking or even when we’re out with friends and feet are often left neglected. A pedicure, very much like a manicure works on softening the skin on the feet, removing any dead skin, priming your nails and finally making them look pretty with eye catching nail varnish.

For my pedicure I bought the following items from Superdrug:
Pedicure File £2.59


                                                       4 in 1 Buffing file £1.99

                                                           Toe clipper £1.59

                                                    Miss Sporty Top and base coat £2.29

                                                   Miss Sporty nail polish £1.99

                                                           Emery boards £1.09

 After a long cold winter I haven’t been paying much attention to my feet, but with the weather (finally) warming up I think it was about time I let my feet breathe some air. I normally tend to focus on my hands more so my nails were due for a cutting and a lovely perk me up colour was in dire need!

When doing a pedicure it’s important to start from the beginning, so to get my skin soft enough to remove dead skin I bathed them in warm water.

After soaking for ten minutes I dried them off and used the pedicure brush to remove any dead cells. Pedicure brushes should only be used when the skin is soft after bathing as it may leave heels more rough if used in normal conditions.

The pedicure brush is really handy as it acts a bit like a cheese grater and any dead skin goes into the back of the pedicure brush. Don’t forget to empty it if you buy one though!

After using the pedicure brush for several minutes I felt my heels were a lot smoother and it was the perfect time to apply some foot peppermint lotion. This cream gives extra moisture to feet which is essential especially after skin is removed to help smoothen the surface.

 With my skin softened it was time to get the clippers out and trim my nails to a acceptable length. It is better to use nail clippers rather then scissors as they clip your nails in a straight line, which avoids the temptation to cut nails around the edges which can cause ingrown toe nails.

One of the best buys I found in Superdrug today has to be the 4 in 1 nail buffer. This handy tool offers lot of different uses and is perfect for those painting on the go. Each side of the buffer is colour coordinated and there is step by step instructions on the back. Step 1 files nails down using the grey side so they’re all straight and smooth.

Step 2 uses the pink side to smooth any ridges on the nail

Step 3 uses the blue side to buff the nail and remove any dust ready for nail polish

Finally step 4 utilises the grey side of the buffer to give a shiny polished effect that looks great even without nail polish.

With the main part of my pedicure over it’s time to apply Miss Sporty base coat. It’s important to always use a base coat when using bright colours as they can stain the nails.

Once dry I applied the first coat of Miss Sporty nail polish in hot pink. I love the colour of this nail polish and how it’s so eye catching.

After finishing several coats of the Miss Sporty polish I finished off with another layer of the Miss Sporty top coat/base coat product.

 So after a complete pedicure from start to finish I have the final result, a polished pretty set of nails and perfect soft skin.

Let me know what you think, do you spend a lot of money on pedicures or do you prefer to do it at home? I always love to hear from you 🙂

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