How to do: Cherry Delight Nail Art

They’re not just great for putting in pies, they also look really cute on your nails too. What am I talking about? Cherries of course!

To recreate this really simple nail art first paint your nails in a sheer white. I used Primark’s white nail varnish which came as part of a Glitter 3D manicure set. I appreciate white isn’t the easiest colour to get hold of but you’ll find it in a french manicure set.

Next get a spotting tool and create two cherry shapes on each nail. Apply more colour as required but try not to flood the tool or it may smudge.

Finally get a light green to create the stem. Dip your striping tool into the varnish then slowly paint upwards from each cherry and meet in the middle. It’s simple as 1,2,3 you’re done!