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How to apply makeup when wearing contact lenses

tips on applying makeup whilst wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses are perfect as an alternative to glasses, but they can sometimes be a massive challenge when it comes to applying makeup. Whilst you’ve probably found many articles dedicated to applying makeup whilst wearing glasses, tips for those who prefer contact lenses on how to wear makeup are not so readily available. With makeup there are no guarantees, and if you get mascara or eyeshadow in your eye that could mean game over for the contact lenses you’d just applied.

Don’t forget to wash your hands
I can’t stress how important it is to wash your hands before putting a contact lens near your eyes. Contact lenses can be contaminated just as easily as you could contaminate your food if you eat with dirty hands. Give your hands a thorough wash then make sure they’re fully dry before applying your lens as water can transfer potentially dangerous parasites into your eyes. Once your hands are washed and dry apply your contact lenses. It’s important to apply your lenses before makeup so the most stressful part is done and out of the way.

If it’s oily-avoid
You probably want to avoid the oily look, but you’ll be surprised as to how many products actually contain oil. Oils found in some creams and eyeshadows are able to work their way through the contours of your skin into your eyes. As your eyes are naturally watery any oil will naturally head towards your lens causing it to cloud over. The cloudiness isn’t damaging to the eye but I’m sure you’d agree it is very annoying.

Take it easy on the tight lining
The very edge of your eyelid, where the tips of your eyelashes hit your eyeball is where your oil glands are located. If you apply a lot of makeup on this area, for example if you tightline a lot, this can lead to you blocking the glands which leads to dry irritated eyes. The best idea is to keep that part of your eye au naturale, especially if you want to keep wearing lenses.

Become a mascara snob
The chances of liking a mascara that leaves your lashes looking clumped is probably pretty slim. However if you know how it feels to get flakes of mascara in your eyes when you’re not wearing contact lenses, multiply that feeling of irritation by five when you are. Bits of the mascara may become trapped under the lens leading for a very uncomfortable experience. The worst offender has to be fibre lash mascaras as they are pretty much guaranteed to transmit loose fibres into your eyes!

Invest in dailies
They may be more expensive but daily lenses can actually be a godsend for your eyes. If you wear the same lens on a regular basis and it becomes contaminated you are putting the same bacteria into your eye every single day. Daily contact lenses are more expensive but at the end of the day your eyes stay clean and you avoid the chances of getting nasty ailments like conjunctivitis.

Cleanliness is next to godliness
If you can’t afford to wear dailies then the next best idea is to opt for a cleaning routine for your lenses. Make sure you cleanse the lens every night with multi purpose lens solution and remove any grime that has coated them during the day. Ensure you always use fresh solution to leave them in to avoid cross contamination. When storing your contact lenses in a case make sure you thoroughly clean that too as often this is forgotten and can lead to eye infections.

Don’t forget to remove all of your makeup!
When you’re getting ready to go to sleep please, please don’t forget to take your makeup off! Not only is leaving your makeup on bad for your skin but if you wear a lot of eye makeup this is terrible for your eyes as your eyes can easily get irritated.

I hope you find this post useful and that you gain some useful tips when wearing makeup with your contact lenses. Do let me know how you got on!

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