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How to apply eyeliner like a pro

how to apply eyeliner tips

Applying eyeliner may seem scary, especially if you’re a newbie. Once you’ve got the hang of it however it literally is like a walk in the park. Liquid eyeliners are great for beginners in my opinion as they flow really easily and there isn’t the stiffness you can get with some gel or kohl eyeliners. Try to hold your hand as steady as possible, pull the eyeliner from the inner eye keeping it close to the lashline, to the middle, stop if you need to and continue to the outer lashes. If you’re struggling here’s a video tutorial showing how to apply the eyeliner. I used Makeup Gallery Pro eyeliner which is only £1, stays on all day and looks great. You can get the eyeliner from all good Poundland stores or online.