Hide the worst of your blemishes with Seventeen Heavy Duty Undereye Concealer

Blemishes suck. False stop. Seventeen help to wage the war with those pesky spots and under eye circles with thier heavy duty under eye concealer Phwoarr Paint.

The product reminds me of Benefit’s Boi-Ing industrial strength concealer in some ways as they both aim to cover the worst of the worst. It has a smooth creamy consistency that quickly warms to touch and a handy mirror for application on the go.

I do have quite bad dark circles so I focused on that area. As you can see from the picture the darkness is instantly covered, although it’s better to use only a small amount as too much makes you look a bit like a panda. The light reflects off the concealer and makes my face a lot brighter.

Overall a great little product that does the trick and hides those blemishes that you don’t want the world to see.

I give it 4/5


  • Comes with a useful mirror so you can apply it anywhere you go
  • Creamy consistency that’s easy to apply
  • Blemishes are covered instantly


  • If you apply too much the texture can go all flaky and the covered area will look mottled

Get it for £5.49 at Boots